Safely designed for crawlies, toddlers, and babies, these moveable shapes are the building blocks of your own play scape. A perfect indoor activity to get the “sillies out,” these forms are lightweight enough for toddlers to arrange and rearrange, and through design and new physical challenges are sure to stimulate success and directed adventure. Great for expanding minds and growing baby bodies, and these soft, spatial tools have a long shelf life. They’re safe to use and, while they make great toys in their own right, can be combined with other toys to make forts and play obstacles. Constructive Playthings began in the 1950’s when founder Frances Klein recognized a need for quality educational resources for educators. CP Toys offers a vast selection of educational toys that one would typically not find in a brick-and-mortar toy store, offering children an experience that is both educational and fun. Package includes (5) Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms, including Two Blocks, a Ramp, Cylinder, and a Large Half Cylinder. Designed for ages 12 months and up.



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