The Interactive Music Trail




The interactive music track is designed to help learn music experiences by anyone regardless of musical experience, learning ability or physical ability. It is a wonderful device can be easily formed can be circular or semi-circle or other forms can be recorded on some MP3 music and retrieved when playing and can be recorded sounds, whether children’s voices or any other voices we want to learn, such as animals and transportation … etc. The device is a distinct vocal stimuli where there are many uses and sound systems between sounds, music, songs and recording. It is comprehensive as the device is considered a motivational stimuli where children can press the squares either in the feet or hands or in the moving chair to produce the programmed sound on the machine. The device is also used in the optical implementation of the device is equipped with colorful LEDs when the pressure on the box gives a colorful light with the connection of light with the sound with movement, so the device to stimulate the auditory, visual and movement together is a multi-use and forces of sensory rooms