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Flexion Disc provides both vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation for your clients. Vary the vestibular input from gentle pushing and rocking to a more active shaking, rotating and orbiting. The Flexion Disc has a carpeted base with a heavily padded edge and center post. A minimum ceiling height of 8′ is required.
nAccommodate a wide range of clients by adding the Large Flexion board to your Flexion Disc. Our Large Flexion Disc board is 56% larger than the standard disc. The board is carpeted and padded around the edge like the standard board. Includes detachable control strap and (1) Safety Snap.



T-Swing is a factory of high-density sponge 70 and the finest types of skin layers, which are distinct in the field of motion, which is used to develop the skills of movement and balance and the implementation of the sense of the vestibule and also used in the adjustment of the body situation with cases of severe cerebral palsy such as X-shaped and the position of flap and other conditions and deformities of the basin Which need to be modified and the process of learning to keep the child’s balance on it is suspended is a wonderful tool for the development of sensory sensory motor