Swing horse


Swing Alatoazin to save the balance and support the motor and balance skills and help you relax
nHelp improve bilateral integration while getting the benefits of postural and balance adjustments. Southpaw’s Bilateral Bolster Swing offers all the benefits of our Standard Bolster Swing, but we’ve added two ropes attached to the body for clients to grasp with both hands.
nIf you already have our standard swing, you can purchase the body of the Bilateral Bolster and attach it to your existing upper works and bar. The Bilateral Bolster comes in Standard and Pony sizes with ropes that are covered with a protective vinyl tubing to prevent rope burns



The horse’s swing is made of high density sponge 70 and the best types of skin layers and is equipped with climbing ropes with locks protection is a distinct performance in the field of movement, which is used to develop motor skills and balance and also used in the adjustment of the body situation with severe cases of cerebral palsy such as X-shaped and the status of flap and other Conditions and deformities of the pelvis that need to be modified and the process of learning to keep the child’s balance on it is suspended