Swing circles


This Almrgiha spiral consisting of 5 disks, spiral determine distances on request, a wonderful balance and motor can be for more than one child to play them and the children can taClimbing ;    As many as five kids may play at once!  5 rings – 5 layers of fun – count them. (ring 1) 2 kids stand inside on platform; (ring 2) 1- 4 kids sit on big red ring;(ring 3) 1 or 2 kids, next ring up, and the next ring above that one (ring 4), plus adventuresome kids (and what kid isn’t?) use the top ring- (Ring 5) like any monkey ke more than put them



This helical spiral consists of 5 spiral disks that determine their distances according to demand. They are wonderful for the balance of motion and can have more than one child to play on. The children can take more than one of the best wooden plants equipped with climbing ropes and safety locks for children .