Sound Interaction Device with Motion


soundbeam is a system that detects the distance, direction and velocity of body movements in a defined space, and translates these body gestures into control signals for creating electronic music or manipulating multimedia



It is a device that translates and transforms the movements of the hands or body into music through which the most beautiful tunes can be played through the movements of the body. This is one of the most valuable instruments that works especially with deep and complex disabilities. The training process is difficult. We program the device to create musical keys in the vacuum through a non – We control the direction and extent of the actual and the estimated sounds when the child to cut this radiation when playing the child random movement is issued votes are repeated and can be trained to guide the movement with the number of votes that we enter on the card Mimori inside the device We can download thousands of musicals and thousands of tones and thousands of voices can be recorded sounds familiar to children as the voice of the mother or father, the child to link the movement of the sound by hearing can also make reviews of children dances according to the tones and the movement of the movement of children is a very wonderful device for severe and minor disabilities As well as a distinct auditory motor stimuli within the sensory room