Interactive Lighting System -2 beam system


Multisensory tactile padded wall panel and pad. Comprises eight coloured tactile squares with flashing lights and sounds. Touch activated and mains powered.



It is a wonderful device for interaction as it produces sounds by cutting the objects directed from the detectors to the ground, it stimulates the terrible movement of the hands or the two men or the body and integrate or connect the interaction of sound with the pieces of light and color and make children aware of it. And can be updated with software and programming easily and programmed any type of music or sounds such as animals and means of transport or sounds can be recorded on the device, such as the voices of the children themselves or some orders can be recorded some ringtones and create a fun display of During the children, the device becomes a combination of visual and auditory motor interaction and interconnectivity. Interactive radiation achieves the highest rate of sensory integration in children using this device. There are in the number of 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 beam sold each group individually