Interactive Floor Projection System – 60 effects


Wonderful Albergctor device in the visual effects, where he exported large interactive screen on the ground and various effects and the kids interact with it and play through this interactive rays are sexy Bosra very cool and can be placed in large effects commensurate with the kids and programs used to Zoellick and there is this machine with a computer control panels and programs Alachgal effects



Interactive Floor Projection System consists of a “Japanese Panasonic – Minnie Lab HP – Infrared Camera”. The device works through infrared techniques, where the child cuts the rays and interact with visual effects. There are many great visual effects such as water, fish, interactive interactive games and others.
nInteractive Floor Projection System, that benefit children in terms of movement, visual and sound is a wonderful device that connects more than a sense through children’s games and is controlled very easily and the device runs high-quality “4K “movies that help children to develop visual skills and relaxation while listening to quiet music and access to the Internet Through the device and download many movies and educational games is an Interactive Floor Projection is very distinctive for all types of disabilities as well as children without disabilities.
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