Individual Water Bubbles Wall




Sensory Rooms An integrated and rich sensory environment and Individual Water Bubbles Wall . A distinctive addition to the sensory rooms, especially with the new shape of Avrosina. The wooden frame which protects the wall from damage is a wonderful device for visual alert through the rising water bubbles and changing colors that stimulate the children. A great view and attract attention in the sensory room and Ttlon the whole room and be controlled through the application of the mobile through different programs where you can choose the color degree easily and can be programmed colors that you want to operate automatically and can control the brightness and contrast Color You can choose the order of colors that appear and the time to stay and move between them and other colors and control the flash of the effects in terms of speed and slow The color can be chosen through the camera camera to direct the camera on the color of the wall and the same color which is fun for children and can also control the light through the voice of the child To stimulate speech through the mobile handset and interact with the sound with the sound if you want to play a particular music or song It is wonderful that you can design hundreds of programs a mixture of all these features and set them to work automatically with a certain time for each program to be used as appropriate during the session