Floor linens 7 cm


These very popular mats are covered in antibacterial vinyl-coated nylon for durability, and fold every two feet. We offer both economy and premium versions, either on two or on all four sides. The mats on two sides are in stock for quick ship.
nOur Economy mats have a different color on each 2’W panel (Red, Blue, Yellow or Green). They are filled with a lower density 1.5″D (thick) polyethylene foam for a softer feel that is appropriate for floor activities



The floor tiles are 7 cm safe for children, where the child is freely inside the room and gives a beautiful aesthetic view in different colors and shapes according to the room area by “meters” either for the sensual rooms are the colors of the floors of the white color until the colors of the features and consist of high density sponge and wrapped in leather Water resistant and divided into pieces all over the room